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With all the legal and health implications of using illegal anabolic steroids many bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts even regular individuals are turning to safe and natural diet supplements. These safe supplements are often equally powerful as their illegal steroid competitors. If you are the person who wants to get adequate levels of niacin vitamin then one nutritional supplement that has doubtless caught the eye is NiacinMax.


The most important benefits of NiacinMax:

  • Increasing Oxygen Flow To Your Muscles
  • Improving Production of Red Blood Cells
  • Increasing Your Human Growth Hormone Levels
  • Enabling your organism a powerful defense against workout-induced cell damage

Niacin (also known as nicotinic acid in medical circles) was 3th B vitamin that was found (B3).
The fifties of the last century, some scientists reported that this vitamin worked great effects in relieving the stiffness and pain related to arthritis. One of the best solutions to lower triglycerides and cholesterol is to use 1,000-3,000 milligrams of niacin daily. If you have circulation or heart problems, niacin treatment will help you in several ways: lowering level of triglycerides and cholesterol, reducing the blood fats, correcting the level of blood sugar, dilating blood vessels etc.
niacin-supplemen-benefitsIt is noted that 1,000 milligrams of niacin taken 3X per day help to improve memory, and alleviate some senility problems. Niacinamide stimulates benzodiazepine receptors in your brain, which can affect sleep. In small doses taken before going to bed, it has helped many persons to sleep better. Dosages of 200 mg of niacin per day can help to alleviate the problem of excessive sensitive to sunlight. Niacin is successfully used in the treatment of acne, the regulation of blood pressure, the improvement of circulation to the feet and legs in diabetics, the increasing the blood supply to the ear in conditions of vertigo,deafness, or ringing in the ears etc.

What is NiacinMax?

Niacin Max is a top workout supplement that it is supplied as a super fine, fast dissolvable under your tongue thin film. It melts in moment to pass a pure 75 miligrams dose of Niacin directly into your blood stream. Unlike other niacin supplements, NiacinMax uses this amazing delivery technology to increase bioavailability.

Due to the poor bioavailability, most niacin supplements enable only 10% to 15% of their active components into the blood stream. NiacinMax is up to 45 times more effective than any other niacin supplement because it enables 90% pure niacin directly into the bloodstream.

How to take NiacinMax?

Place strip under the tongue. The strip will dissolve in a moment, releasing the niacin vitamin directly into the blood stream. Use your strip once a day in the morning when your stomach is empty. You can expect the best effect if you go to the gym 3h to 5h after using NiacinMax.
If you want to achieve even better HGH-release results, you can decide to use a second dose 3h to 4h before bedtime. This way of taking is advised if you train 5-6 times a week.


NiacinMax is developed using absolutely pure, high-quality grade ingredients and is made in the most modern facilities using manufacturing equipment which is CE approved. Because niacin (vitamin B3) is an important vitamin that all people need, Niacin Max is a completely safe to usage. This supplement has undergone extensive testing that confirmed its safety.

NiacinMax is pure vitamin supplement and therefore it is legal for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. At the moment of publication of this article, niacin isn’t present on international standard prohibited list by “World Anti-Doping Agency”.

Where to buy NiacinMax?

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